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The Essentials

1. You can achieve the ultimate orgasm! 

@Guys: Not only do you have the G-spot in your ass (almost direct prostate stimulation), but…

@Girls: …if you don’t know yet, also you can orgasm very hard only by anal stimulation! 

I suspect there are a lot of non-believers. So if you’d like, tell us your experience here! (I will check every comment/story before releasing it!) 

2. Try it yourself first! 

@Guys: By doing that you’ll win your partners trust. She/He will know you won’t hurt her/him! 

@Girls: You’ll learn how it feels like: Actually very good. 😀 And you’ll be able to advise him/her how to do it.


It’s totally not gay, although a lot of you will now think “Oooohohoho, of course that’s gay!!!”, right? But nope…that’s just stupid. Very stupid. Be smart!

    1. According to your logic, jacking off would be gay too. STROKING A COCK! You’re pleasing a man! Although it’s yourself, you’re a man => Gay!? No, no, no, it’s only an area more for more pleasure! And…did you know/read?
    2. The male G-spot is “in your ass”! It’s your choice: Irrational stupid fear vs. sickest orgasm you can achieve & probably more trust from your girl/woman to try it & not being an anal killer!

That’s one of the main reasons why I had to write this book and create this site. This is very sad, almost tragic! So sad! It implies that you’ve heard of, or already experienced, the following, which happens way too often.


Guys watch and enjoy anal porn and want to try anal with their girl. She’ll think like:


„Oh, no! But hey, I love him and so, yeah…ok, let’s try it out.“


Then, while having sex, being nervous (and of course without proper cleaning before), at some point you go doggy-style and somehow push your cock in her anus, which of course…HURTS, if done like that. Sooo, maybe she loved you so much that she was able to take it for some minutes, while thinking: „OUCH, WTF!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!“


That’s – just – not – how – it’s – done!

No shortcut here. Read the eBook above!

3. „Eeew, that’s disgusting!!! You shit out of there! Exit only!”

Similar to the big “anal is gay” misconception. Not smart!

Did you ever hear about urine or vomit? Do you think about those things when kissing or having oral sex? I don’t think so. 

So if you can take a shower and if you can brush your teeth. What’s so different/difficult about cleaning your ass/rectum?!

There’s a magic device called “anal douche”. Using it properly will lead to a very clean ass. Really clean! 

Did you actually know that there are more bacteria in your mouth than in your rectum?