Is enjoying anal as a man gay?

IS IT GAY TO ENJOY ANAL AS A MAN? Share: IS IT GAY TO ENJOY ANAL AS A MAN?…well, I’m (not) sorry but that‘s just the stupidest misconception about anal sex on sooooooooo many levels:1. To be consistent, that would mean that stroking your own dick is also gay. When you do that, you’re pleasuring […]

Is anal sex painful?

IS ANAL SEX PAINFUL? Share: IS ANAL SEX PAINFUL? That’s one of the main reasons why I started this website…It is very sad! Tragic!It implies that you’ve heard of or already experienced the following, which happens far too often:You guys watch and enjoy anal porn and want to try it out with your girl. She’ll […]

Is anal sex dirty?

IS ANAL SEX DIRTY? Share: IS ANAL SEX DIRTY? This is purely a thinking error. I thought that way myself years ago when I saw the first anal scene in a porn movie, I was like “Eeeew! That’s gross!”. Imagine that! Even I, an anal enthusiast in the highest order!But if you think about it, […]

Is anal sex (un)healthy?

IS ANAL SEX (UN)HEALTHY? Share: IS ANAL SEX (UN)HEALTHY? No. Listen. It’s the same as with everything else.You probably heard already “It is the dose that makes the poison”. Even breathing air and drinking water can be very unhealthy and cause damage: Breathing too fast (hyperventilation) is unhealthy and can make you faint. Drinking too […]