0. Introduction


We all love anal or are interested at least and that’s great!

But it would be even more great if everyone knew and spread the basics of how to do anal THE RIGHT WAY! There is obviously a huge disconnect between education and porn which leads to shit like this:…/rise-in-popularity-of-anal-sex-has-led-to-health-problems-for-women

This course provides everything you need to know for a highly enjoyable, safe and unpainful entrance into the world of anal pleasure:

  • It treats the physical as well as the psychological/mental/emotional aspects of how to start with anal play.
  • It is written for both sexes.
  • We discuss the benefits, which you may underestimate: It’s not just only hotter, dirtier and tighter. There’s soooo much more!
  • Keep in mind: Be very careful! If you’re too eager, i.e. rude to your partner or yourself, that’s bad! Don’t be bad! 

How To Anal - Course Outline

Chapter 0 – Introduction:

Right here. Course outline and basic anatomy.

Chapter 1 – Fake News & Why Anal Is Actually Great: 

We will discuss and debunk all the fake news about anal…all the misconceptions and confusions. Then also, very important, the benefits!

Chapter 2 – Preparation:

  • Preparation i.e. optimization of sexuality and sexual health in general,
  • mental and emotional preparation,
  • physiological preparation,
  • and how to properly clean.

Chapter 3 – How To Begin:

A very detailed guide on how to start with anal play and how to go further.

Chapter 4 – Recap:

Recap of everything.

Basic Anatomy

Sorry for the following unsexy pictures, but that’s just how they do it in the medical field. Tell me if you’re an artist and you can draw some more appealing ones. Anyway, I want you to know the following 2 things: 

  1. That there are actually 2 sphincters, an internal and external. 
  1. Especially if you’re a guy, that’s why you should get rid of the “anal is gay” stupidity. If the only male G-spot “stimulation” you’ll get in your life is when the doctor sticks his finger in your ass for a prostate exam, that’s your choice.

But fact is, the male G-spot is exactly where the finger in the following picture below points/presses:


Even if you orgasm normal, i.e. dick only, if you try to locate the feeling, you have to admit: The orgasm is connected to your ass anyway. When you orgasm your prostate, your sphincters, your PC muscle etc. contract. Now the thing is, with some nice stimulation you can come 10x harder than normal. That’s how it is.

If you want to know more about the anatomy, you can check this out, where the first picture is from. And the second picture if from this video that explains you how a rectum examination works.