Well, in (most) porn and if you know what you are doing: Yes it is.

BUT in the real world?! 

1. Do you know how many times I hear stupid misconceptions about anal sex?! And even worse! 

2. Horror stories from girls like this: “I tried anal once. Finally I ended up in the emergency room…got a 4 inch anal fissure. Never again!!!”

Sad! So sad!


Read The Anal Bible!

AT LEAST you must read THE ESSENTIALS! That’s my main goal. 

Every dude who watches and likes anal porn must know all this! So we can avoid all those very very sad “I tried anal once but it was horrible” stories!

So, this is an educational site to make anal great again!

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Education is great! So great! 

But what if nobody gets this education?! Bad! Very bad!

So we need mass attention! 

I need you to spread this site as much as you can! SPREAD IT! 

As you may realize, if I succeed, there’s probably some money to make for me too. 

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