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This is the right place if:

  • you are interested in anal and would like to know/see more about it,
  • you are an anal enthusiast and you want to contribute to making anal great again,
  • you want to make money with anal (porn),
  • or last but not least, if you argue with someone about anal sex and the topic is:
    1. Is anal sex painful?

      [TLDR: No, the total opposite, if done right.]

    2. Is anal sex dirty?

      [TLDR: As dirty as kissing, vaginal and oral sex…just be clean!]

    3. Is it gay to enjoy anal sex as a man?

      [TLDR: No, it’s obviously independent of sexual orientation.]

    4. Is anal sex (un)healthy?

      [TLDR: As healthy as any other sexual practice.